Instructors, Easily Add Engagement

SimCase builds mobile games that complement your existing lecture and integrate seamlessly with your syllabus.

These games improve engagement while also delivering actionable metrics and personalized performance feedback.

The experience takes only minutes from set-up to debrief, plus there is nothing to download. If you have a web browser and internet access, you are ready to add active learning to your curriculum. 

Student Engagement, That Fits Your Need

Online Engagement

Give online learners a chance to meaningfully interact, when and where they find time to study. Compete with peers, against the leaderboard, or with our cutting-edge Ai assistants.

In-Class Activity

Take a break from lecturing and give students a chance to apply what they just learned. Plus you can track comprehension in real-time.

Dynamic Homework

Assign homework students will be excited to tackle, then use the automated debrief to quickly assess which concepts are clear and which need reinforcement.

Getting Started Is Simple


Each game aligns with a single concept so they are easy to add to an existing lecture.


Add students in real-time, using your class list, or via your Learning Management System


Students click a link and learn by doing.

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