Instructors, Enhance Your Classes

SimCase builds games that help instructors extend their classroom experience into the digital age. Our portfolio of games complements your existing curriculum and integrates seamlessly with your syllabus. We help drive in-class and after-class engagement, and deliver actionable metrics alongside it.

Our games help teach complicated concepts in real-time, and make active learning accessible. Using leading-edge mobile technologies, we’ve placed dynamic learning opportunities into the palm of your hand.

Student Engagement, That Fits

At SimCase we're committed to creating the tools you need to super power your lectures. SimCase games deliver rapid play, easy integration, and actionable debriefs that don't replace your existing class sessions. 

Our games are designed to focus on highly targeted concepts and produce metrics you can use to quickly understand your student's comprehension levels.

Getting Started Is Simple


Our portfolio has targeted concepts that align with your existing lecture.


Our games can be configured to run in-class or as a homework assignment.


Students log in and learn by doing.

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